Level: Advanced




Python Experience

Developed open-source code for a web app named "Service Monitoring Dashboard" using Python / CherryPy in 2015. It goes through and pings / sends http requests to a list of sites and displays their results in a html display where users can add or delete a site, as well as upload an image icon.

Created "experiments" in Python while in a research lab, as well as Python programs that extracted "statistical data" and generated "demographic surveys".

HTML / CSS Experience

This site and EnodiaVR were both created using HTML and CSS.

Level: Intermediate









CherryPy, jQuery, Javascript and Sqlite3 Experience

See "Service Monitoring Dashboard".

Bootstrap and Node.js Experience

This site and EnodiaVR were built using Node.js and Bootstrap.

Arduino Experience

Built the following physical puzzle games using Arduino: "Switchboard", "Isolinear Chips" and "Dial Game".

Since 2014, I have been teaching ages 7-17 Arduino / Circuit Building as part of CoderDojo.

To view the first Arduino game I ever made in 2013, see "Random Button Game".

Processing Experience

Was Team Lead on a project entitled "Kinect Object Localization" in 2015, where we used computer vision via Kinect / Processing to scan an RGB image and report an object's physical location after transforming its pixel location along the X and Y axis with trig functions.

Debugged a haptic feedback glove project in 2014 for a virtual brain computer interface experiment in Processing.

Level: Beginner


Ruby on Rails






Ruby / Rails Experience

Completed a Ruby / Rails course via One Month's online learning site in 2016. This involved building a web app with hosting via Heroku that had user login authentification and paying services with Stripe.

Angular.js Experience

Finished an Angular.js course through Codecademy's online learning site in 2015.

Java Experience

Created a secret message decoder and multiple moving objects demo in 2013.

R Experience

Completed a university course in R in 2012. We analyzed audio and image files using Audacity and Gimp, generated plots and calculated statistical data. In addition, we learned how to clean incomplete and imperfect data sets and how to filter through large data sets for relevant information.

PHP Experience

Edited PHP in WordPress to fix site displays for multiple business owners in 2016.

Ajax Experience

See "Service Monitoring Dashboard".